Tasting and cooking experience @Williams Sonoma

06 September 2013 01:00 PM till 02:00 PM

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- mushrooms and leeks pasta stirred with a Ricotta cheese and thyme sauce

- salad pasta with pesto, zucchini and crispy ham

- vegetarian pasta with egg

- salad pasta with eggplant, rocket, crispy bread and scales of Pecorino cheese


Delverde Pasta is proud to present the inaugural PASTA SOMMELIER tour; an interactive cooking series where attendees will experience the best of Italy through cooking lessons and pasta tastings. The exclusive series is led by Italian chefs in a professional “sommelier" style.

In each class the chefs will teach the audience how to identify a quality pasta through 5 “fun actions”: Smell, Look, Touch, Taste and Enjoy. Next, the chefs will prepare an authentic recipe using fresh, local ingredients, which will be served to all in attendance. Participants will leave the course as a real Pasta Sommelier!

The PASTA SOMMELIER TOUR will be popping up in hitting glamourous locations like ALESSI show room, Williams Sonoma and many others.

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06 September 2013

1:00 PM

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Williams Sonoma
340 Post St
San Francisco
United States

About the organizer

Delverde Industrie Alimentari
In the heart of the Maiella mountain, in Abruzzo Italy, there is an enchanted natural place where pure nature meets the art of gastronomy. This beautiful place is real and is in here that a team of chefs continuously think on how to improve our Pasta and our recipes. Delverde pays great attention to the environmental heritage and gives inestimable value to the skilled workers who, for over a century, have handed down the art of making pasta from father to son in this area. For this reason our company is considered one of the most interesting examples which combine quality of the product, production development, a strong link with the Italian pasta-making tradition and great attention to the social aspect and environmental sustainability.



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